Progress not Perfection- 21 Day Fix/Clean Eating Reviews

Since the start of this blog I have been working on and shared my many fitness and weight loss goals. I thought I would share some of the success I have had so far with the Clean Eating and 21 Day Fix fitness programs I have been following.

They have a saying in the beach body world (Beachbody offers the 21 day fix and various workout/fitness programs like P90X, Insanity, Piyo and more), that you should focus on progress, and not perfection! This is so true as I am still 5 pounds from my weight goal but here is a before and current picture showing the progress I have made so far this year!

WL beforeafter Collage

I’ve been able to make these changes doing mainly 30 minute workouts from the 21 day fix program, roughly 5 times a week. Yes, I trained for, and ran a half marathon during that time, but my long runs were only once a week. I’m glad I listened and took these pictures. My weight difference is only 10 pounds! To me it looks like more, or maybe I just seen the difference in body composition. My upper body and waist have really shown the most noticeable change. Working on strength more verses just cardio makes a big difference!! Lift weight people, it is GOOD!

I have also made a big change in my diet cutting out most, but not all, processed foods and sugar. Small changes make a difference on the scale and measurements, but also with how I FEEL! I’ve always been a huge salad fan using healthy dressings but during these 6 months I have discovered how simple and delicious homemade salad dressings are! Also, I finally went for the shakeology protein shake option. Even though it is more than some store-bought shakes, I was very surprised at how much I LOVED the taste and it kept me full longer. It includes tons of vitamins and probiotics, and using the chocolate flavor helps me fulfillment my daily sweet tooth cravings!

I’m still working on my goal of hitting the 145 mark, but in the meantime I’m feeling GREAT! I’m more than just content; I’m happy with the changes I’m seeing and feeling with my body. If you’re interested in trying one of these programs check out my Beachbody website; My dream has always been to be a personal trainer, or to be involved with fitness, and this company is a great way for me to offer multiple options to people looking to improve their health and fitness. I would love to be your supporter and coach!!

Until next time… Thea

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