7 ways to Improve your Fitness and Lose Weight

I expressed my goals to lose weight this year in my 2015 Resolutions post. I’ve had a large number of friends and family ask me how I stay motivated to exercise regularly. I thought since I’ve yet to meet my ideal weight who am I to tell others the “how to’s!” But after hitting a new milestone this morning (I’m tipping the scales just inside the 140’s for the first time since late 2006) I thought, I DO have some good pointers I can share!

Here’s a little back ground on my fitness journey. Since 2007 I’ve either broken a bone, or had a child, almost every year. And I’m not exaggerating on that. Here’s a timeline!!

  • February 2007- Broken foot
  • June 2008- Broken Ankle
  • November 2009- Piece’s was born via c-section
  • October 2010- Tonsillectomy
  • September 2011- Mr. Man was born via C-section
  • January 2013- Fractured tibial plateau with severe MCL sprain
  • November 2013- Miss T was born via C-section

When I read all of that I think to myself it is a wonder that I was able to stay in any shape at ALL! During that time I went back to playing recreational soccer after I was cleared for activity and I ran 2 half marathons; One in 9/12 & 4/14.

I tell you all of this because I KNOW how HARD it is to get back into shape and stay in shape!!! I think the hardest part is getting into a routine and sticking with it. So here are my top tips to increase your fitness and lose weight!

  1. Set a goal and timeline; then share it with others– If you want to lose weight, if you want to run your first 5K. Set that goals and share it with others! It really does keep you accountable because most people want to support you in your circles. For example; I shared in January that I want to lose 15 pounds by April 26th, when I’m committed to running my first half marathon of the year.
  2. Give your goal a purpose!! This is very important. Just having a goal to do something won’t help you get there. It would be like setting a goal at your job but having no objectives to accomplish it. I recommend setting a goal to do something you haven’t done before. Say running your first 5K, doing 50 push ups, or playing on a sports team. All of these things require training that will support you meeting your goal set in #1 AND it will give you a motivation other than simply getting in shape and losing weight.
  3. Make a training schedule-
    1. Whatever your goal is make a training schedule. I typically make a weekly training schedule from my start date until my goal. My first half marathon I made a 20 week schedule which I hung on my refrigerator in the kitchen. I marked my workouts to see my accomplishments and I always knew my weekly plan. This also meant my family saw it as well, to support and encourage me.
    2. Use the internet for this! If you’re looking to run your first race, search for “training for a 5K, 10K, Marathon” and so on. If you looking to be able to do 50 push ups, search for a push-up challenge program. There is SOOOO much free information out there; take advantage of it!
  4. Use a diet plan/tool- It’s very difficult to lose weight if you are just cutting your calories. If you really want to get in better shape and see your body change in a positive way you need to eat right, not just less. Here are a few programs I have used and would recommend.
    1. myfitnesspal.com– This is a FREE online site/app where you can track your calorie intake, calorie burn and it guides you on the % of Fat, Protein, Carbs and so on you should be consuming each day. It’s simple and free!
    2. Weight Watchers– I have used this program 5 times (after college, before my wedding, and after all 3 kids). I used the online only option the last 3 times because I didn’t feel I needed the meetings. But they offer weekly support meetings and also track/add points for work outs.
    3. 21 day Fix/Clean Eating- I have to say after using the 21 day fix program for 2 & ½ weeks so far, I do feel a big difference and see it as well. The workouts are short, 30 minutes, and very effective. Also, clean eating has really made my body FEEL so much better. Cutting out most processed foods and eating healthy, balanced, REAL food is giving my body a leaner and firmer look. (If you’re interested in details let me know)
  5. Focus on a week at a time- If you look at the big picture and have a few hiccups it can be discouraging. This one change for me has made a HUGE impact on my health. In the past I would have an off week and it would spiral into a month. When we have goals we can be very hard on ourselves if we get off track. I found by setting a weekly goal and focusing on a week at a time, I would reset each week. If I had a bad week, well no biggie! A new week was starting and I had my plan already set for me to continue on. This kept me on track because my goals had purpose beyond just losing weight. I wanted to meet my fitness goals I set as well.
  6. Don’t go it alone! This one makes things SOOO much easier. I have gotten into a routine to doing a lot of working out and dieting on my own, but it took me a LONG time to get there. It is so much easier to have a support system. Be it a gym buddy, running buddy, training group, diet program support (like weight watchers or beach body programs) or just committing to playing with a recreational sports team, will give you a support system to help keep you motivated.
  7. Give yourself a break! Don’t be too hard on yourself! You WILL have off days, weeks, and slip ups. You may be injured and need to take time off. It happens; it’s NOT a big deal! Stop beating yourself up about it and put that energy into setting a goal, making a plan, finding support and reset each week! Stop over complicating things and being your own worst enemy. You are capable and CAN meet those goals. Just move on, get out there, and JUST DO IT!!

Running feet

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4 thoughts on “7 ways to Improve your Fitness and Lose Weight

    • Thank you Christina! Sorry for the very late reply! The winter and holidays are difficult to stay motivated during. The last two years training for a half marathon at the start of the New Year has been great to get me starting out the year on the right foot. I’d love to hear if you are planning to train for another! 🙂

  1. You had a lot to overcome and it is so motivating to see that you have done just that!! I worked all last fall to get back to my pregnancy weight and have tried to maintain over the winter. I always find it the hardest to keep it up when it is cold outside and gets dark so early. Would love to see a follow up on any motivational tips for those dreary days!! THANKS!

    • Great job on losing the baby weight Max Jury. It is definitely not easy!
      I can totally relate to those dreary winter days taking a told on your motivation. It was a brutal winter here in Upstate NY and I was having some killer winter blues.
      I try to workout a lot when my kids nap in my living room. I find even a 20-30 minute sweat can make a difference in my mood. There are free exercise videos on YouTube or you can also check to see if your cable provider offers anything free on demand. Both are convenient and free!

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