DIY Children’s Winter Wrist Warmer/Protectors

Remember playing out in the snow when you were a kid and the annoying snow that would get on your wrists and ankles when your coat and snow pants would rise up?!? Well, this is cheap, simple and very effective way to protect your little ones wrists from the cold winter snow and wind.

My son has very sensitive skin. With the extreme cold this winter, even being outside on a warmer day for 15 -20 minutes, he will end up with frost bite. After telling my husband about how bad the frost bite was on his wrists (they were raised and white/red for a couple of hours), my husband suggested we make little wrist protectors to keep any snow from getting on them. Here is what we came up with!

What you will need:

  1. An old pair of kids socks; full length.
  2. A pair of scissors


pic 1

– Cut off the tops of the socks

Pic 2

– Next cut a V-shape in the heel area of the sock.

pic 3

– Here is what they will look like with the holes cut in both places.

pic 4

– Now simply put them on before your child’s coat and put their winter gloves over top. Here is what they look like on my son without, and with the gloves over top.

pic 5 pic 6

Extra Tip! You can also use these on their little legs. Simply put an adults full size sock on under their clothes to the knee. That way if their snow pants rise their little legs will be protected from the snow.

Until next time…… Thea 🙂

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