Progress and Helpful Tips

Hello All! Here’s a brief overview regarding my progress on my yearly goals and some helpful tips I thought I would share.

  • Resolutions:
    • Health and Fitness:
      • I’ve been trying some new Clean Eating recipes and will be doing another 5 day Challenge this week. I’ll be posting my weight loss for the month next weekend. Accountability! (If you are interested in doing a Free 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge feel free to let me know. It is through a Facebook Group!)
      • I’ve gotta amp up my strength training; the past 2 weeks I’ve only gotten in 1 workout a week in that area. I’ve still been playing soccer and running weekly though.
        • Helpful Tip: I’ve had many people over the years ask me how I fit in workouts being home with my kids. I don’t have a gym membership so I do a lot while my kids nap (if I get them all napping at the same time!). Here is a sample workout that I do right in my living room while watching TV. 
          • Do as many as you can of each exercise for one minute. (Complete each cycle 2-3 times for a 20 -30 minute workout. (If you aren’t sure how to do the exercise check YouTube for a brief demo.))
            1. Jumping Jacks
            2. Push Ups (Regular or on your knees)
            3. High Knees or Knee Lifts
            4. Plank
            5. Squats or Jumping Squats
            6. 30 second Side Plank (each side)
            7. Side Kicks
            8. Russian Twists
            9. Back Kicks
            10. Rest
          • (If you try the workout I’d love to know your feedback!)
    • Connections:
      • This weekend my husband and I had our date night! Yay! Sushi and a movie rental at home while the kids had an overnight at my parents. 🙂
      • Saturday we had a cousin day at my parents with my sister and my nephew. We’ve been going on a hike through the woods with the kids which has been so fun and cute!
      • We also had a Family Date Night with some close friends. (Family Date Night= Adults and kids all hang out at someones house for some relaxing and fun!)
      • And last weekend I spent in NYC with 3 cousins, my sister, and a friend. We attempted to party like we were 21 and ended up back at the hotel in bed by 11:00 each night! I think that means it was a success?! Hahaha, getting OLD!
    • Home Organization:
      • Sooooo, I’m WAY behind on my 40 bags challenge! I’m at 15 but I’m still plugging along. I’ve got my “pit of doom” my office, to tackle still and lord knows that could have 20 bags all on its own! I’m confident I will catch up!!
      • I have cleaned out 5 cupboards in my kitchen and organized my kid’s school nook. I’ve been trying not to spend money by reusing items in my house, so I stole one of the baskets from my sons room that I used for baby stuff when he was little. I also cut up an old filing folder that I had in my office to make dividers in order to organize their school papers in the basket. Here are some before and after pictures.

counterbefore011115School Nook After

  • Here’s two other views. The counter area on the left in the first picture below is where the basket/kids school nook is. And the black cabinet has two hooks on the far side for my daughter and husbands lunch boxes.

Counters after          Lunch box

Helpful Tip: We finally broke down and got a new vacuum this weekend. I’ve been trying to find a good deal for months and I don’t like spending money if I don’t have to but our old one was barely working. I recently discovered Big Lots (! They offer a Rewards Program and this weekend they had a 20% off sale. They have a variety of vacuums, many refurbished, and I was able to get a Hoover Wind tunnel 3 Pet Pro vacuum for $72!! Regular price is $169.99 on a new one at other retail stores. Big Lots also offers baby food, some organic, gluten-free and whole wheat options for VERY affordable prices! Definitely worth checking out!

Until next time….. 🙂 -Thea


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