De-cluttering progress: The purge

I was able to make some progress today on my organization goals. I cleared out 2 cupboards, the second half of my pantry and I cleared and set up a new organization plan for our recycling area. I’m all about recycling but I usually have the kids in the kitchen when I cook so I collect stuff on this little counter space next to my refrigerator and wall. It gets ridiculous and by the time it’s full I don’t want to take multiple trips to get everything to the garage. I had the idea to take one of those plastic stacking storage bins and put it on the counter in that area. It doesn’t look flashy, but it will be easy to empty every day and will no doubt look better than the mess that used to accumulate. Here’s a picture.Recycle Bin

My husband also took the initiative to go through his dresser and removed many items for donation! All of this lead to one garbage bag of trash, a bag of donations and a large tote full of items to sell. It felt good to make some progress but wow, is this a task! In order to jump start my organization I started a 40 bags in 40 days challenge on the 1st of the year. The goal is simple, get rid of a bag of stuff a day. It can be a bag of garbage or stuff to sell, donate; you get the picture. Before setting this goal I read a few articles about de-cluttering and organization. Many were recommended by moms from my moms group. Some of the key points that stood out to me were about the reasons we hang on to things. Often times it can be something of sentimental value, or it was a gift, or it’s something nice we think we will use and we don’t want to part with it. But those things are weighting you down and you don’t even know it! I didn’t believe that until I started doing this and I’m feeling like a weight is being lifted. I had things in my cupboards I bought and thought I would use but I didn’t. Since I spent the money on them I just thought to myself, oh yeah, I should use that sometime. And the gifts. I felt bad that I haven’t used some items that were given to me… so I should keep them to use them. But really, if you haven’t used them within a year, you probably won’t. Another Mom also posted the suggestion to ask yourself if the items feel sad? It sounded funny but made me think about Toy Story (LOL, I’m a Mom)! The toys wanted to be played with, not put on the shelf to collect dust…it was sad! So even though it was silly, it helped me clear my cupboards none the less. So go through your things and set those things free people! It will surely make you BOTH a lot happier! 🙂

Goals for the week ahead. Wish me luck!!

  • I will be doing a 5 day Clean Eating Challenge Monday – Friday. I think I’m a pretty healthy eater but I thought this would jump start my weight loss goals and focus.
  • Fitness- Soccer Monday, Strength Training Tues & Thurs, 3 Mile run Wed, 6 Mile run on the weekend.
  • Plan a movie night with some of my girlfriends and my date night with the hubs this month.
  • Continue the 40 bags in 40 days

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