2015 Resolutions

So…I created this blog a year ago with hopes of documenting my goal to lose my baby weight and get back into shape. But I chickened out! After taking before pictures I felt ashamed by my appearance and didn’t end up going through with it. Silly me! Ladies we are SO hard on ourselves!! But now that it’s 2015 and I still strive to get in better shape (I lost the 50 pounds of baby weight, yay) and better myself this New Year, well here I am!

Here are my 2015 Goals! There are three areas of my life I want to focus on.

  1. ME:
    • Lose 15 lbs by the Flower City Half Marathon in April.
    • Run the April & September Half Marathons in Rochester
    • Strength train twice a week on top of my running/soccer activity.
  2. MY HOME:
    • Get Organized. This includes de-cluttering and implementing a cleaning schedule.
    • It’s hard to stay in touch with friends when you have a families. Life gets busy! But I really want to focus on planning time to see my friends and family more this year because they are important to me!
    • AND my second part of this goal is to have more quality one-on-one time with my love, my husband. The goal is to go on one date a month. This can be a night out for dinner and a movie or a short outing for coffee the two of us. Life is crazy with three little kids and I simply want to continue to make our relationship a priority.

So far in these first two days I’ve been working on my home. This year I really want and NEED to get ORGANIZED! And as mom of 3 children; now 5, 3, and 1, there’s too much stuff and too little time. My goal is to work on living in a minimalist home. My husband laughed at this because, well I am terrible at throwing things out, I’m disorganized and I literally have a room full of stuff that you can barely walk into. Sad, but true! So I’m using the simple principle, have I used it or worn it in a year. If the answer is no I will be throwing it away, donating it or selling it. Which is good because maybe I’ll get some extra $$ in the bank account during this process.

Here’s to 2015! I hope you’ll join me on my journey! 🙂


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